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Pacific Logistics Service Financial Services

Letters of Credit (LCs), Standby LCs, Bank Guarantees and SWIFT Instruments

Our Trade Finance Department offers structured trade finance solutions to enhance working capital without sacrificing the security of the underlying goods.

Our Letters of Credit allow clients to begin production without upfront deposits or collateral while ensuring that goods are produced according to the terms of their agreement.

SBLCs and Bank Guarantees enable clients to engage in transactions that require financial assurances, which might otherwise be too burdensome to meet under its own credit facilities.

Factoring – A/R Collections, Cash Advances, and Credit Protection

For wholesalers who sell to customers on open credit terms, we can service their invoices in numerous ways:

(a) Cash Advances – clients can draw up to 85% of your invoice value right away;

(b) Collections and Management – clients get a dedicated account executive, credit department, and 24/7 online tracking systems to view invoices, payment, chargebacks and related data;

(c) Credit Protection – our policies protect our clients against customers’ bankruptcy, insolvency, and non-payment.

Purchase Order Funding

Our PO Funding programs empower clients to fulfill purchase orders from creditworthy customers by providing credit facilities to pay for cost of goods and shipping.

Accounting and Backoffice Services

If you have trouble managing your businesses finances, we’ve got you covered. We can provide accounting / bookkeeping services to monitor and control your cash flow and accounts receivable.

Equipped with 25 years of expertise in trade finance and supply chain management, we are uniquely situated to seamlessly take over your accounting needs, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Incorporation Services, US Bank Accounts

If your business is based outside the US, but you want to take advantage of the ample US market, then our corporate services are perfect for you. We can incorporate your business in the US. In addition, we can secure a US bank account on behalf of your business, which allows you to easily sell your goods in US stores and ecommerce sites, and to effect payments throughout the US.